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Dear Members and Friends of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Second Life,

Almost one year ago (this June) we gathered together for the first time as very real people in a very virtual world. Some of you were with us at that first evening, while some of you joined us along the way. It's been an exciting journey as we've pursued our charge to "explore ministry that is uniquely Presbyterian, but also unique to the culture and nature of Second Life."

As part of that exploration, we continue to host weekly prayer services, weekly conversation group meetings, monthly Second Life tutorial classes, and various other projects and events, like our recent Interactive Stations of the Cross experience during Holy Week. We reach beyond the boundaries of our virtual world though our Goodland Academy and Helping Haiti projects, and our forthcoming participation in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.

We have also been fortunate in our relationship with the PCUSA Office of Evangelism & Growth, which has been our accountability partner and got us started with a small financial contribution, allowing us to acquire virtual land and meeting space. In recent months, however, we've experienced a rather fortunate problem: we no longer fit in the small and cozy space that has served us so well up to this point.

Soon, we will move into a larger space that will accommodate our growth and allow us to explore even more creative ministry projects, including a virtual learning & conference center and a virtual prayer garden. We see this as a great opportunity to share together the financial responsibilities that will make our community sustainable for long term ministry.

Our goal is for our members to collectively commit $39,000 Linden Dollars per month (approximately $150 US Dollars) to the ministry of 1st Presbyterian Church of Second Life for the next 12 months. With 10 people, this would amount to each individual pledging $900 Linden Dollars per week, or approximately $3.50 per week in US Dollars. Obviously, the more pledges, the easier it would be to reach our goal.

We ask you to prayerfully consider whether and how God might be calling you to join us as we go about the real work of God in this virtual world, among Presbyterians, prodigals, friends, furries, and hundreds of thousands of God's children who currently inhabit Second Life.

With Christ's Peace,

Neill Loxingly (RL: Neal Locke)


  • INSIDE Second Life: send an instant message indicating the amount of your pledge to the avatar "Treasurer1PCSL Faith"
  • OUTSIDE Second Life: send an email indicating the amount of your pledge to treasurer @ 1pcsl dot org
  • If you would like more information on our finance and accounting procedures or on the proposed budget underlying this pledge drive, you can find both of these documents on our website, or in the bookshelf inside the 1PCSL chapel in Second Life.