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Have you ever...

  • Wanted to participate in the virtual reality world of Second Life, but didn't know how?
  • Tried to participate in Second Life, but got frustrated and gave up?
  • Participated in Second Life, but got really embarassed when...
    • Your avatar accidentally sat on someone's head?
    • You somehow removed all your avatar's clothes in the middle of a meeting?
    • You got stuck in a wall and couldn't see what was going on?
    • You missed a meeting because you didn't know how to open the door to the building?
    • You couldn't find anything or anyone, or even get out of "Help Island?"
  • Wondered where to find different clothes, skin, shape...and then how to wear them?
  • Had non-philosophical, non-theological questions about Second Life that you'd like answered before getting into the meaty stuff?

Then this is just for you:

Saturday, February 13th -- 10am SLT (10am Pacific / 11am Mountain / 12 Central / 1pm Eastern time)

A basic small-group class that assumes nothing, expects nothing, and costs nothing, but will cover basic functionality in Second Life:

  • How to move your avatar around, pick up objects, sit down, interact with the environment, etc.
  • How to find people, places, and events in Second Life
  • How to actually GET to those places and events
  • How to communicate with people, in person or by message
  • How to change your avatar's appearance, and change clothing without flashing the world
  • How to play audio and video in Second Life
  • Where to find things (especially free things) in Second Life

The class will begin at the Presbyterian Meeting House in Second Life, and eventually embark on a few, quick "field trips" to various helpful Second Life locations, all guided by one or more "veteran" members of our Second Life Presbyterian community. If you can't make it this Saturday but would still like to participate, we plan on offering this class the 2nd Saturday of each month this fall.

How to Participate

If you already have an account with Second Life and already have the Second Life software installed on your computer (even if you never got past help Island), just click here click the "teleport now" button, log in when prompted, and someone will be waiting to meet you on the other side:

If you are brand new to Second Life you'll need to create an account first (basic accounts are free), and then download the Second Life software (also free) to your computer. To do that, just click here and then click on the orange "SIGN UP" button at the top right corner of the screen. The Second Life website will then guide you through the rest of the process, and deposit you at our meeting house at the end. WARNING: The account setup and software download can take awhile, so you might want to start at least 30 minutes before the class starts.

If you get stuck somewhere along the way, but have already downloaded the software and created an account, you can always come back to this page and click either of the two links above (and then the "teleport now" button) to take you to the meeting house.

If you get REALLY stuck somewhere, or just need more help, don't panic! (and don't give up). You can contact Neal for help via:

(I'll be watching all of the above, ready to jump in and help if you need it).


  • For more information on Second Life, try here.
  • For more information about who we are, try here.
  • For a brief glimpse into why this is critically important, try here.