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Donations to HAITI/Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Fund

At our weekly gathering on January 13th, we decided to make a donation box so that people in our community (or anyone wandering by our facilities in Second Life) can donate Linden Dollars to the relief efforts in Haiti. Linden Dollars are convertible into actual US Dollars, and several other organizations in Second Life (such as the Red Cross) are already collecting funds in this manner to help the relief efforts.

We have chosen to direct our efforts through the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance fund for Haiti. All Linden Dollars donated in Second Life will go to JoySophia Northmann's account (RL: Maria Kettleson Anderson). She has agreed to keep detailed and transparent records of all funds collected, convert the Linden Dollars to US Dollars, and then forward them to the PDA in our behalf.

If you are already a resident of Second Life and have Linden Dollars you would like to contribute, you can find the donation box on the sign in front of our 1PCSL building. Follow the instructions on the sign to make your contribution, and we thank you in advance for your efforts to help our Haitian sisters and brothers in their hour of need.

Roodman Larsson (Lars Rood) in Haiti

One member of our community, Roodman Larsson (Lars Rood outside of Second Life) was invited to participate in the Youth Ministry Advance Team: Haiti, an idea conceived by Mark Oestreicher, and sponsored by Adventures in Missions. In addition to assisting with relief efforts, the trip will lay a foundation for future mission trips to Haiti, and through blog posts, photos, videos, and status updates will keep reminding those of us back at home that there is still much work to be done, especially now that the initial shock has faded and the media spotlight turns elsewhere.

Lars will be posting regular updates of his experiences in Haiti, and you can follow along in any of the following ways:

In addition, we have set up a large "Helping Haiti" board at the 1PCSL land to help raise awareness in Second Life of his efforts, and plan to show some of the videos he has taken at future gatherings. And of course, we continue to pray regularly for Lars, the rest of the Youth Ministry Advance Team, and all of our Haitian Brothers and Sisters.

UPDATE: Lars is back from his mission trip, and continues to write, reflect, and educate others about his experiences there and how we can help. You can still find all his writings from Haiti in the archives section of his blog. Thanks to all who supported him in prayer, and who continue to donate generously to the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance fund for Haiti.