Goodland Outreach Project

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Goodland Academy Seal

In the Fall of 2009, 1PCSL committed to "adopting" Goodland Academy in Hugo, Oklahoma as our first outreach project. Goodland is an historically Presbyterian private school and boys home, first established in 1848, and currently providing a 24-hour family home environment for up to 24 boys. We are committed to serving and reaching out to Goodland in the following ways:

  • With our Prayers. We pray for the students and staff of Goodland on a regular basis at our weekly prayer service, and for specific needs of the Goodland community as they are brought to our attention.
  • With our Finances. There is a donation box in front of our virtual church building (look for the Goodland logo) where members of our community--or any resident of Second Life--can donate Linden Dollars to an account created by Goodland's director, David Dearinger. While it takes about 255 Linden Dollars to equal one US Dollar, they can be converted, and some organizations in Second Life (Red Cross and Relay for Life, for example) have raised substantial amounts of real money for real-world charities. Over time, we hope our small contributions to Goodland will add up and be multiplied as we grow.
  • With our Experiences. As part of a special curriculum project, the students at Goodland were asked to write down any theological questions they were curious about. Those questions were then collected and sent out to various churches in the hopes that a diversity of answers, reflecting the diversity of our tradition, would return to them. We are in the process of discussing and answering these questions at our weekly conversation group, passing on our perspective to the students, and ultimately making some small contribution in this way to the education and spiritual growth of these young and growing Christians.
  • With our Presence. By raising awareness about Goodland Academy in a growing virtual world with over a million participants, we hope to shine a light on one way in which God and God's people are working in the world. Especially among the Presbyterians who frequent our corner of the virtual world, we aim to let people know about this wonderful ministry, and how they, too, can help contribute to its continued mission.