2011 Annual Meeting

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  • Our 2011 Annual meeting will take place on Monday, September 19th at 7pm Pacific / 9pm Central / 10pm Eastern time.
  • It will be a time for reflecting on our previous two years of ministry in Second Life.
  • It will be a time for discerning where God is calling us in the present day, and in the year to come.
  • A financial report will be provided to account for funds received and spent in the past year.
  • As a starting point for our discussion, we will be using the following Congregational Resource Guide. If you have the opportunity to read it, please do so -- but if not, you are still welcome to come and participate.
  • All who have previously participated in the life of 1PCSL, or those who would like to participate in the life of 1PCSL are welcome to attend.
  • To find us in Second Life and participate in this meeting, you can follow the following link: http://bit.ly/1pcsl
  • We'll be upstairs in the Church Office space. If you have trouble finding us, send an IM (instant message) to Neill Loxingly.

Summary Notes:

  • Neill opened with prayer
  • Tre (via Menchor & JoySophia) did a presentation on 1PCSL finances (charts at bottom of this page).
  • Needs/Wants reflection time -- several people shared
  • Some discussion about sharing gifts
  • MB offered her adjacent land/labyrinth to the Church. After discussion, it was agreed (by vote) to accept her gift while preserving and encouraging her freedom to continue to develop the land as her creativity leads.
  • Discussion of gifts 1PCSL would like to offer our two communities SL and PCUSA in the year to come:
    • One of our gifts is writing:
    • Seek out opportunities to write another article for a Christian publication (several possibilities were mentioned)
    • Develop two books to be published in SL: One about Presbyterian Life, and another (possibly) about Advent
  • Continuation of our support for other ministries in SL, particularly through cooperation on special services/occasions/events.
  • Discussion of pursuing 501c3 non-profit status -- it was agreed by vote that Suemoon should research this further and report back to group.
  • MB Closed in prayer.